About us

“தொட்டனைத்து ஊறும் மணற்கேணி மாந்தர்க்குக்
கற்றனைத்து ஊறும் அறிவு” – திருக்குறள்” –

“The deeper a sand-well is dug the freer is its flow of water.
Even so, the deeper a man’s learning the greater is his wisdom”

Thirukural 396.

Although the seasons seem to place their identities upon the earth which constantly moves at a slow pace not the people in it. We have accustomed ourselves to the fast pace of life which has evolved over the years.

We have become what seems to be a Walking Talking Machines with Wheels at Our Heels. Tamil Twin strives to liberate ourselves from this mechanical ambience to transform us back to the soulful humans only with a difference of providing intellect along the process.


We pronounce that this en-comprises of both the Tamil and English aroma added to it to satisfy the grey matter its quality crafted to beat its western counterparts. Its petals roots it to various fields from Tamil News, Technology, Mathematics, Medicine, Finance, Management, Marketing to prose, Music, Drama which spreads to art, culture, history also comprising of many layers such as cinema, women, teen and holidaying sections.

Your support to our initiative always adds more sunshine to our growth. We welcome your suggestions for our betterment.

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